On The Go - Thinking Wof & Lube, Think On The Go!!

Thinking WOF & Lube? 

On the Go is a cut price Lube and Warrant of Fitness (WOF) company with 4 outlets in Christchurch.

The costs of servicing your vehicle are mounting but at On the Go we provide a great value basic service that is affordable.

We do not compete with the traditional repairer or the Dealer Franchise. We believe your usual repair facility should still cater for the more complicated aspects of vehicle repair. This would normally involve leaving your vehicle for some time but at On the Go we aim to have your service completed in the shortest time possible. We complete just what your vehicle needs to keep it running without damage - caused by neglecting the Oil and Filter change (often due to time constraints or the costly service that traditional repairers command).

Between the 4 sites we offer the ability to have your WOF inspection on one side of town, and if a reject requires a recheck inspection then we can offer to recheck and issue your new WOF sticker at a site convenient to you (not necessarily the site that you first took your car to).

We use top quality oil provided by ELF lubricants. ELF and TOTAL are well known in the European market having their head office in France. ELF and TOTAL is the largest supplier within Europe and sponsor Formula One racing throughout the year. They supply On the Go with a full range of mineral and synthetic oils and are factory specified suppliers to European manufacturers like Renault and Citroen.

Combo Prices

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