On The Go - Thinking Wof & Lube, Think On The Go!!

Expert Auto Repair & Servicing

Your vehicle is meant to be on the road, not in our service bay! We are committed to providing you with efficient, top quality service to ensure you’re back on the road in record time. 

Our Services

  • Complete vehicle servicing
  • Mechanical repair
  • WOFs

Highest standards in auto servicing at an affordable price

We are a one-stop auto servicing and repair shop. Our customers rely on us to provide a high level of service at a fair price. Our comprehensive range of services includes routine car servicing, WOFs, mechanical repairs and more. As part of our commitment to serving the Christchurch community, we are also happy to provide advice on any aspect of using and maintaining your vehicle. 

On The Go is your alternative to expensive dealerships 

We know that no one enjoys taking their car in for servicing or repairs, so we’ve made it our mission to keep the entire process as fast, affordable and stress-free as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing you with fast, honest, affordable and reliable service – each and every time!

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