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Our Services

WOF Inspection
  Car W.O.F Inspection         $45.00
  Motor Cycle W.O.F Inspection         $37.00
  Trailer / Caravan W.O.F Inspection         $35.00

Oil and Filter Change
Petrol - up to 4 litres of standard 10w40 or 15w40
Fuch Oil and standard oil filter
 from $99.00

Diesel - up to 6 litres of standard 15w40 Fuch Oil
and standard oil filter

 from $130.00
WOF,Oil Filter - Petrol from $95.00 Diesel from $145.00

Mega Combo Prices - WOF, Engine Oil Change and Filter, Auto Transmission Flush (using wynns professional Flush and Professional Treatment) From $274.00 Diesel $319.00

Product Sales and Service
  Transmission Flush Service using Wynn's Professional Cleaner and Wynn's Professional Conditioning Additive Includes up to 6 litres of Trans Fluid from $199.00
  Head Light Bulbs Fitted to your Car from $20.00
  Indicator, Park Light Bulbs Fitted from $6.00
  Wiper Blade Inserts Fitted from $7.50
  Wiper Blade Arm Assembly   from  $15.00  each
  Headlight Clean Focus and Align Labour from $25.00
  Headlight Cleaner Kit D.I.Y to Clean Headlights         $35.00
  Steering Rack Boot Replacement Suppy Boot and Fit         $70.00
  Valuation of your vehicle Red Book         $19.95
  WOF Extra Maintenance and Pre-Holiday Check         $20.00
  WOF 6 Month Safety Inspection For those customers whose vehicles have a yearly warrant but want the peace of mind knowing their vehicle is still up to safe standard         $35.00
Professional Products
  Professional Additives Engine Flush         $18.50
  Professional Additives Engine Friction Proofing         $17.50
  Professional Additives Worn Engine Treatment         $19.50
  Professional Additives Hydraulic Lifter Treatment         $19.50
  Air Conditioning Treatment Using Ultra Sonic Machine         $45.50
Combo Prices

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